Hi there and welcome to NS Designs. I;m Nick and I've been a designer for nearly 20 years and have dabbled in many different forms, be it photography, photomanipulation, web design, logo design, animation, 3d design etc. I have a huge passion for visuals; I like drama and energy in an image and that's what I try to put into every image I make. I spent 15 years working in Photoshop and have mastered the software for what I need to do with it and then, as a logical progression I suppose, I moved into working in 3D.

A few years ago, I was walking around the planet in Google Earth as I'm wont to do on occasion, and I always wished that I could go there as a photographer. Then I started to think about making some of the views in 3D so I could not only take pictures of the scene, but also have complete control of every aspect of the image; the lighting, the composition, the season and the time of day. Having this much freedom as a photographer is something you can't get in the real world without an infinite amount of time and rather a lot of money, but in 3D software, I can do it fairly easily. So I built a few street images (viewable under 'Design/Street Images'), took pictures of them and then thought of the idea of modelling specific houses on specific streets. It started well, but after a time I thought that they were nice but a tad boring to me, the images needed something else. That's when I thought of the idea of putting the house anywhere I wanted it to be and started making backgrounds inspired by films, games and genre's that I like. 

Since then, I've made over 60 backgrounds that cover all types of media and genres with the idea that people could have completely custom images that not only have their house in the image, but also a background that the owner is somehow connected to. This amount of personalisation for such an image isn't available anywhere else. Sure you can get a watercolour or a charcoal image, but in my eyes, once it's done it's done and it can't be changed. With my images, every single part of it is customisable and I can work towards an image that completely satisfies the request. If down the line you want changes or a different background, the option will always be there.

I work in many different mediums of design and am not limited to these house images, my other skills are on display under the Design page. Please feel free to contact me if there's something you think I can help with.