The Infinite Surface Builder is like nothing else on the market; a procedural material created to build as many surfaces as you can think of.

If it's purely a wall builder you're looking for, please take a look at one of my other shaders, The Infinite Wall Builder as it's specifically designed for that exact purpose and has more specific controls. But if you're looking for a hugely capable brick and tiled wall builder with the option for infinite experimentation to create your own procedural materials as well, then this is for you!


It's built for Cycles, not Eevee as the latter can't deal with such a complex node setup. It was initially built for procedural brick walls as I found using 4K RGB textures were using far too much memory and didn't scale well without repetition. This meant my scenes needed sacrifices, not as many textures as I'd like or lower subdivisions across the board; not with the Infinite Surface Builder.


In most cases, the ISB will use 2/3 less memory because it's using the nodes that ship with Blender and uses mathematics instead of set colour data from RGB images. This means you've got more memory spare for more complexity within your scene without sacrifice.


As you'll see from the images, using the ISB controls, an infinite number of surfaces can be created. Of course there are limitations, but with the amount of controls for customisation available, it's incredibly unlikely that someone would build the exact same surface twice!


You can also drop in your own custom textures and use the ISB options on top for even more customisation. Any texture you build with the ISB will be completely seamless and will scale without repetition infinitely.