The Infinite Rock Builder Cave Scene

 The Infinite Rock Builder is a procedural texture that comes with an infinite amount of customization for making rock and stone surfaces to be used in Blender's Cycles, be it boulders, rocky ground or cliff faces. I used to sculpt all of my cliffs and it would take hours; using different brushes and textures, painting it etc. With the Infinite Rock Builder, you just apply the material and use any of the controls to customize the rock surface to your hearts content. It comes with 10 individual rock presets, all of which have their own controls to customize them further, and on top of the 10 preset shapes, there are also 6 different effects and several masks to help make the formations look more natural and eroded. Because the material is based on math and not image data, it uses up to 2/3 less memory than a standard 4K RGB texture freeing up your memory for more complex scenes without sacrifice. The other advantage over an RGB texture is that it will scale infinitely without repetition, so creating a huge cliff face can be done in minutes with the IRB instead of hours.