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Personalised Home Images

Please send to the below email at least 3 images of your house; the front and both sides. Please make sure they're high quality, clear and for any detail, please send close-ups. Please send all images with your name in the subject to;


Hollywood Name Image

Stellar Name Image

If choosing the picture option, please send the highest quality picture you have to;


Coporate Team Image

Once you have ordered your image, I will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss any options you may have. I will also require a 50% deposit in order to start work on the image. Please use the button below to pay the deposit, the remainder will be required once the image is complete. The image, depending on complexity, will be finished within 3 days. This may change if order numbers are large, I will let you know if this is the case.



  • No refund policy – I guarantee that you will get exactly what you pay for, your house in one of my images. You can see the quality of my work, work that takes time, time I won’t get back if for some reason you don’t like the final image. I can guarantee that the picture you receive will be exactly as stated, your house in one of the pictures on the website or a completely custom one, which come’s with revisions. I will always try and fix any problems a customer may have, but I can’t account for every individual taste.

  • When you receive your image, you will also receive a secured zip file with the model of your house. This file is useful only to me, but it is your responsibility to store the file somewhere safely so that if you require another background, I only charge £50 for a complete image once I receive the model. If the model is lost, I do not store it owing to the amount of houses I model and the space required to store them, I store the backgrounds only.

  • I work alone so if there happens to be many orders that come in at the same time, it may be a short while before I get to your house. I will always explain this as close to when the order was made as I can.

  • There are no revisions with the Basic House Image Package, one angle or lighting change revision with the Advanced Package and two revisions with the Premium Package. Any extra revisions required will be charged at £50.00 per revision.

  • There are no revisions with the Hollywood Names, Stellar Images or Corporate Name packages.